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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps for Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat Pump Installation, Repair and Maintenance in Portland, OR

If you are interested in a dual-action HVAC system that provides quality cooling during the summer and efficient heating in the winter we recommend considering the advantages of heat pumps. This comfort technology is popular for new home installations and presents a great alternative to other HVAC systems. If energy savings and functionality are important to you then installing a heat pump might be right for your Oregon home.

Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning can provide installations, repairs, and maintenance services for your heat pumps. Rely on our fully licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC company for assistance in selecting, installing, and maintaining the right heating and air conditioning unit for your space. We have provided residents of Portland, OR and surrounding areas with quality heat pumps, name-brand parts, and reliable services for more than 50 years.

Reach us today at 503-691-9699 to find out more about the advantages of heat pumps for your heating and cooling needs. Or you can also request an estimate online.

How Heat Pumps Work to Heat and Cool Your Home

Heat pumps use technology similar to that of regular air conditioners by giving homeowners the power to inverse its functionality. When heat pumps are in cooling mode the chemical refrigerant is compressed under high pressure before being circulated through coils indoors and outdoors. Inside, the refrigerant absorbs heat, and outside, it releases that heat.

By simply adjusting the thermostat a heat pump can function in the opposite direction and transfer heat indoors instead of shifting it outside of the home. Drawing thermal energy from outside makes for a very efficient system without sacrificing comfort. Even if temperatures are frigid outside the heat pump can take advantage of ambient heat and new technology to maintain the desired temperature in your space.

Why Heat Pumps Could Be Your Perfect HVAC Solution

Heat pumps offer the advantage of simplification to homeowners in Portland, OR. Year-round comfort can be taken care of by a single unit. The heating mode is also among the most efficient options on the market. When compared to electric furnaces, the energy and cost savings are considerable. Heat pumps only need to transfer heat, not create it, so homeowners enjoy savings with this safe and inexpensive heating and air conditioning solution.

Trusted Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance Services in Portland, OR

Heat pumps operate for many years and throughout all of the seasons when they are installed by trained HVAC technicians. Work with the team at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning for regular maintenance services, professional repairs, and trustworthy installation to keep your system working properly. Since you rely on the double-duty heating and air conditioning unit all year, it is important to have regular inspections completed. We are committed to your comfort. Book a convenient appointment for annual maintenance or reach our staff for fast and attentive service for unexpected repairs.

Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate (on new equipment only) for your heat pump installation, maintenance or repair.

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