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Thermostat Installation, Upgrades, and Repairs

Full Services and the Latest Thermostats in Portland, OR

Thermostats offer home and business owners a convenient and no-fuss way to control their HVAC system. Sleek designs, advanced features, and intuitive controls allow most people to interact with their thermostat without giving it much thought. Despite its simplicity, thermostats play a big role in the proper functioning of your home’s climate control system. The small control panel allows you to control the heater, air conditioner, fan, and can automatically sense the temperature of your living space and make appropriate adjustments. When your thermostat is broken, out-of-date, or mismatched to your HVAC unit you could face rising energy bills and an uncomfortable environment.
If you have a thermostat that is malfunctioning or are interested in updating your control panel in Portland, contact Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experienced technicians can offer advice, installations, repairs, and replacement services for your thermostat. We are focused on providing you with high-quality products and services that combine function and comfort for the best performance.
Contact us 24/7 for quick repairs or installation services for your thermostat in Portland, OR.  

Why Thermostats are Important for Heating and Cooling

Few components of your HVAC system have as big a role in terms of control and efficiency as the thermostat. If the system is malfunctioning or has not been properly calibrated, temperature readings may be off and lead to energy waste, over-use, or under-use of your heater or air conditioner. Even if your HVAC system is working at its top performance, thermostat troubles can lead to uneven heating and cooling, system shutdowns, and inefficiencies that can quickly lead to wear and tear on your entire system. A broken thermostat means an inoperative heating and cooling system, so do not hesitate to call our professional technicians at the first sign of trouble. You can reach us at 503-691-9699.

Thermostat Options in Portland, OR

There are now many options available to suit homeowners’ preferences for thermostat control and appearance. Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning offers the latest technology and personalized solutions for your thermostat. Consider the following options for your new thermostat installation or upgrade:

  • Digital Programmable: These thermostats are the most common, since digital readings offer improved precision and ease over manual systems. Advanced programming that allows pre-set controls means your system will only run when necessary to suit your desired level of comfort.
  • Wi-Fi: These thermostats do not require a hardwired location, providing location flexibility for design-conscious homeowners who also enjoy convenience. Remote control capabilities add to the ease of use.
  • Smart: These thermostats combine the latest technology to adapt settings and ‘learn’ from your previous preferences. Optimized for energy savings and comfort, these climate control systems can be accessed, monitored, and adjusted remotely through apps on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Nest: This thermostat brand is reliable and provides leading technology when it comes to smart and Wi-Fi thermostats. Contact Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about Nest thermostats in Portland, OR and receive experienced installation and maintenance services for these reputable control systems.

Work with Knowledgeable Thermostat Service Technicians

Thermostats need to be serviced by skilled technicians at every stage of their life from installation to repairs. The HVAC professionals at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning have been providing residents of Portland, OR with comprehensive services for over 50 years. Our thermostat experts are licensed, insured, and bonded and can provide new installations, maintenance, and repairs for every aspect of your heating and air conditioning system. Turn to us for reliable comfort services and the latest thermostat technology.
Contact Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning for thermostat services and consultations. We can provide a free quote and offer convenient assistance when you need it.

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