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Zone Control Systems

Zone Control Systems and HVAC Services

Enjoy Zone Control Systems for Comfort in Portland, OR

If precision, control, and savings are at the top of your wish list for a heating and air conditioning system in Portland, OR, consider the advantages of zone control systems. These specialized systems allow you to heat and cool the areas of your living space where it is needed, instead of taking a one-temperature-fits-all approach to climate control in your home.
Find the most efficient and impactful heating and cooling solutions for your space with the team at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Our trained technicians can provide advice to improve your existing HVAC system or help guide your decision for a completely new installation. Our full range of services and quality name-brand products allow you to find the perfect climate control options for your needs. Speak with our dedicated staff about the latest advancements and reliable units for comfort and savings in your home.
Work with our HVAC professionals for HVAC zone control systems customized to your home in Portland, OR.  Reach us 24/7 for installation, maintenance, or repairs. You can also schedule a service appointment online.  

How Zone Control Systems Work to Keep Your Home Comfortable

When you flip the switch to turn on the lights in your entryway, every lightbulb in your house does not get illuminated. This would be considered wasteful and unnecessary. Yet, that is the approach most homes take to heating and cooling. If you are interested in an HVAC system that minimizes waste, maximizes savings, and gives you complete control over comfort, learn more about zone control systems.
Zone control systems operate by using dampers that connect into air ducts. These air ducts connect to the forced-air heater and air conditioner, and provide airflow to different areas of the home. The dampers can be shut off or on to limit which vents receive airflow at different times. These dampers can be retro-fitted onto existing HVAC systems or carefully placed during the initial installation of your heating and air conditioning. Control over the dampers is accessed through area-specific thermostats that can be adjusted, and a central climate control panel that connects all of the zones.  Work with zone control systems professionals in Portland, OR to determine the most convenient zones and effective climate control strategies for your space.

Benefits of Zone Control HVAC Systems

Zone control systems offer the following advantages to homeowners:

  • Savings: Lower heating and cooling bills are one of the major reasons many people switch to zone control systems. Larger homes or those with infrequently used rooms can benefit from targeted climate control that reduces the cost of monthly energy bills.  
  • Flexibility: If you often disagree with your partner or children about the best temperature for your comfort, zone control systems can put an end to any arguments. Zones can be set up to allow different individuals to have control over their environment with the local thermostat.
  • Control: Just like different people prefer different temperatures, different rooms may be suited to different ideal settings. Baby rooms, spaces with large windows, kitchens, and ground floors can all be set to the perfect temperature with the precision of zone control systems.   

Zone Control System Repair and Installation in Portland, OR

Receive a free estimate for integrating a zone control system into your new or existing HVAC system. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can enjoy peace of mind that the comfort of your home is being looked after with the utmost care and expertise. Consult with us about zoning installations and integrations, or any HVAC issues you experience. We provide consultations, installations, repairs, and maintenance services for all makes and models of heaters and air conditioners. We are committed to the comfort and efficiency of your home and are available 24/7 to answer your questions.
Get reliable zone control systems installation, maintenance and repair services from Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us at 503-691-9699 to find out more about our HVAC services or request an estimate online.

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