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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Trusted Commercial AC Repair and Installation in Portland, OR

Heat and humidity can cause problems when it comes to maintaining your business premises. An uncomfortable, warm, and damp space can be bothersome for employees and also lead to trouble maintaining products, welcoming customers, and getting work completed. Let your business location in Portland, OR operate at its best with commercial AC services from knowledgeable air conditioning technicians.

Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing dependable services to keep commercial spaces of all kinds cool and mild, even during the longest heat waves and highest temperatures of the summer. Our commercial AC services have been trusted by local businesses big and small for reliable cooling since more than 50 years.

Contact us to tell us more about your AC repairs, replacements, or maintenance plan and we can find a climate control solution. Receive a free estimate for your commercial air conditioning services or you can also call us at 503-6931-9699 today.

Customized Commercial AC Services

You do not want to work with a heating and air conditioning company in Portland, OR that only has experience with residential comfort control systems. HVAC systems in the home are fundamentally different from commercial units, since most are split systems that involve separate indoor and outdoor cabinets. The cooling system for your office, store, or studio is more likely set up with a rooftop packaged unit. These type of AC units store the evaporator and condenser in one cabinet, reducing noise and offering business owners more space. The centralized location makes these air conditioners easier to service, but difficult to master. Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing skilled AC services for decades. Expansions for growing businesses, installations for new ventures, and maintenance programs for older AC units can all be handled with expertise by our team.

Advice for New Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Portland, OR

Opening days, expanding teams, and new locations all require a climate control system that can stand up to all weather patterns. Heat and humidity need to be kept in check to make a good first impression or maintain the level of service, quality, and comfort your staff and customers have come to expect. Expect that same high level of service from your light commercial HVAC service provider. Let us take care of malfunctions and annual maintenance with reputable services that are tailored to your business property.

The friendly team at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning can direct you towards the right AC unit for your space and guide you through plans for installation, repairs, or expansion. Experience combined with the latest technology and best brand names in the industry allow us to provide the right advice when it comes time to outfit your new workspace with a commercial AC unit.

Reliable Cooling Repairs and AC Maintenance for Business

Work with a HVAC company that understands the complexities of rooftop AC units, commercial billing, and reliable air conditioning services. We have your business space covered for light commercial cooling solutions, emergency repairs, and more. When it comes to the comfort of your commercial property, Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning is the trusted service provider in Oregon. Receive sound advice, quality repairs, and quick, unobtrusive services with a team that is experienced. Enhance the atmosphere in your commercial space as your business grows with our scalable cooling solutions. Receive a free estimate on the work you need completed and see why business owners in Portland, OR trust us with cooling and heating.

Contact us at 503-691-9699 today to book an appointment or schedule your commercial air conditioner repair or installation with our fully licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC professionals.

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