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Don’t Forget this Important Step to Prepare Your Heat Pumps for Winter

Heat pumps are a great solution for hot and humid Oregon summers that also offer homeowners heating during the cooler winter weather. While we typically do not experience the heavy snowfall and bitter cold temperatures that are associated with winter, a little warmth can go a long way for the comfort of your home.
Most homeowners in Beaverton, OR understand the importance of having annual maintenance performed on their furnace and air conditioner units. For those who have heat pumps that are operating as double-duty solutions, you may want to consider two inspections. Making sure that heating and cooling functions are both working their best will keep you comfortable year-round and extend the longevity of your heat pump system.

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Now is the perfect time to schedule your heat pump inspection so that any necessary adjustments and repairs can be made before the heat needs to be turned on. Rely on the comfort of your home each and every day, and host guests throughout the season with confidence that your home will be temperate and welcoming.
Here are three key advantages of having a regular maintenance check completed for your heat pumps in Beaverton, OR:

  • Improved Efficiency: Working hard every month of the year means that small changes in operation and functionality can lead to inefficiencies. Don’t overlook the heating component of your unit, where minor issues can lead to paying more than you need to on monthly bills.
  • Timely Repairs: Not all issues will stop your heat pumps from functioning… at first. Small issues that are fixed can prevent bigger issues and mechanical failures from occurring.
  • Maximum Lifespan: Proper care means better results and longer operation. Get the most from your investment by scheduling regular maintenance.

Make it through the season without any problems. Schedule your heat pump maintenance in Beaverton, OR and surrounding areas with Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Reach us 24/7 for HVAC repairs or get a free quote for your heat pump service today.

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