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How Frequently Do I Need Heat Pump Maintenance Completed?

Just because your home feels comfortable and everything seems to be working fine with your heat pump system does not mean you should skip maintenance appointments. Regular tune-ups and inspections for your heat pumps are important so that you can continue to rely on this double-duty heating and cooling system all year long. A longer lifespan and more reliable and efficient HVAC system will be enjoyed by you and your family when you schedule heat pump services twice a year in Wilsonville, OR.

Why not only once annually? Find out below and contact Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss an ideal and affordable service schedule for your heat pumps.

How Often You Need to Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

If your system appears to be functioning properly, you may fail to see the importance of regular inspections. Here are a few key reasons that the HVAC specialists at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning recommend scheduling heat pump inspections twice a year:

  • Minimize Problems: Misalignment, dust buildup, or a mechanical malfunction may not present itself immediately but overtime, with constant use and neglect, it can cause issues. Decreased longevity and efficiency are usually the outcome, but full breakdowns can also occur. The good news is, they are all avoidable with regular maintenance and preventative heat pump repairs.
  • Savings: Major repairs and heat pump replacements are a lot more expensive than small adjustments made during an inspection. Save money and rely on your system for longer, stronger heating and air conditioning results with maintenance.
  • Dual-Functionality: If you are still holding on to a single annual maintenance appointment, keep in mind that these checks were designed for separate heater and air conditioner units. A single check for your furnace before the winter and AC before the summer is fine. When your heat pump system is performing dual jobs and is running year-round, it is crucial to double the maintenance appointments, too!

Schedule your heat pump service in Wilsonville, OR for a comfortable winter and to extend the life of your HVAC system. Call us today at 503-278-4117 to learn more about our maintenance options and how we can keep your home comfortable and efficient through every season.

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