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Heat Pump Problems to Look Out for this Season

As winter weather approaches, now is the perfect time to schedule heating services in Tigard, OR. While our winters are not as extreme as other areas of the country, operational and efficient heating is still crucial to get through the season. Keep your home affordable and comfortable by having your heat pumps inspected by the experienced HVAC professionals at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning.
Relying on your heat pumps all year for both heating and cooling means that they need more maintenance attention than other single-function systems. Our team understands the unique troubles and advantages of heat pumps and can ensure your system is ready to switch to heating mode when the time comes and the mercury drops.

2 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repairs in Tigard, OR

Contact us for routine maintenance and repairs for your heat pumps and keep an eye (and ear) out for these indicators that something has gone awry with your HVAC system:

  • Output Problems: Not getting the heat you expect, even though all the settings seem to be correct? If your heat pump is not providing the warmth you desire, it could point to an issue with your refrigerant line. Leaks can cause major issues with how your heat pumps evaporate, condense, and transfer heat within your living space. The result can be a chilly home and much lower levels of refrigerant than are necessary. If you notice a drop in output and leaking fluids, contact local HVAC technicians immediately.
  • Strange Sounds: Your heat pump should not be silent, but excessive noise, in the form of grinding, gurgling, bubbling, or other unusual sounds is not normal. If you become aware of odd noises emerging from your heat pump system, it is a good idea to get an expert inspection. The air handler may be to blame or there could be another mechanical problem. Your HVAC professional will be able to identify the source of the sound and find a solution.

Contact the reliable team at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning for your heat pump repairs at 503-287-4117. Request a free estimate online to determine the right heat pump services for your home in Tigard, OR.

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