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Ductless Systems

Ductless Systems in Portland, OR

When people think about central air conditioners and heaters for homes, they usually imagine a comfort system that uses ductwork to distribute the heated and cooled air. A blower fan sends conditioned air from the coils of an AC or the heat exchanger of a furnace into a twisty labyrinth of ducts until the air flows out of room vents. Although this is still the most common configuration for HVAC systems in residential homes, it isn’t the only way to enjoy central comfort. Ductless mini split systems offer an exciting and effective alternative.

If you’re interested in having a ductless system installed for your home in Portland, OR, or you already have a system and it requires professional maintenance or repair work, call Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been looking out for the comfort requirements of households in the area for years. We provide complete services for ductless heating and cooling systems.

How Ductless Mini Split Systems Work

A ductless system, also known as a ductless mini split, is a type of heat pump, which means it works much the same way that an air conditioner does, and can reverse the direction that it moves heat so it can also work as a heating system. However, where a standard heat pump consists of only two cabinets, an outdoor and indoor one, a ductless system uses multiple small indoor units. Each of these mini–air handlers is located in a different room of the house, mounted on a wall. They connect through the back of the walls with refrigerant and power lines that run to the outdoor unit. The air handlers each contain a blower fan and refrigerant coil, and they send heated or cooled air straight into the living space—no ductwork required.
The Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling

Although ductless mini splits won’t work with all types of homes, they do provide some distinct advantages to consider when you’re debating a new AC/heater installation or replacement:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Ductless systems have excellent energy efficiency. This is because they do not lose or gain any heat through the walls of ducts as the air is on the way to the rooms. They also have smaller mechanical parts that drain less power.
  • Zone control: Every one of the air handlers works separately from the others, so you only need to turn on the ones that are necessary for comfort, leaving the units in empty rooms off. This allows for personalized comfort and it also help keep down energy bills.
  • More space: If you’re constructing a house, remodeling, or putting in an add–on room, a ductless system removes the hassles and space requirements of ducts. You can enjoy better design freedom with more available space

Your Source for Ductless Cooling and Heating Services in Portland, OR

In addition to installing new ductless mini split heat pumps, Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning also has all the necessary support services for after they’re installed. Whenever you have trouble with one of the air handlers or the outdoor unit, you can reach us any time of the day or night to arrange for repair work. We’ll also see that your system receives regular spring and fall inspections and tune–ups for maximum efficiency and extended equipment life.

Comfort is our business: it’s what we’re all about. No matter what your house needs for the best in comfort, call on us in Portland, OR and we’ll take care of everything. From ductless AC services to heat pump maintenance and AC repair in Portland, we’ve got you covered!

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