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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers

Air Filtration and Air Purifier Services

Complete Air Filtration Systems and Purifiers in Portland, OR

Understanding the troubles and risks associated with air pollutants and allergens is the first step towards a more healthy and happy home. You need an experienced team at your side to really solve the issues though, and move beyond simply airing out your space by opening the windows. Go straight to the source and start fresh with experienced HVAC technicians who can provide repairs, installations, and recommendations to improve the indoor air quality of your living space.

Cleanse and enhance the air quality of your home today with Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide homes across Portland, OR and surrounding areas with the latest technology and dependable services for a better living environment. From general filtration to targeted purification, we can provide an assessment and install an air filtration system or air purifier that meets your needs.

Invest in the comfort of your home with air filtration services and tailored air purification from our skilled HVAC experts. Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for your air quality system. You can reach us at 503-691-9699 or schedule your appointment online.

Find the Right Air Filter for Your Home

It can be difficult to determine the ideal air filtration system for your space. The filters need to have a filter efficiency measure that is high enough to trap the small particles and debris that are causing air pollution in the home. The right system will let you breathe easy, but the wrong filter can choke your air conditioner or heater to the point where they stop working completely.

When you hire HVAC professionals, they will be able to narrow down the most impactful air filters that still work with your existing heating and air conditioning. Comprehensive diagnosis from the team at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning allows us to integrate your HVAC and air filtration systems to function together seamlessly. Stay warm all winter and cool all summer with the knowledge that as many contaminants as possible are being kept out of the rooms, vents, and living spaces of your home.

Choose a Suitable Air Purifier in Portland, OR

There are different methods for air purification in residential homes. Ask your HVAC professional for assistance selecting the right one for your budget and air quality concerns. The system can be installed for more specific targeting based on location or particular pollutants.

The most common type of air purifier uses ionization to eliminate large particles from ducts that circulate air throughout your living space. An electronic discharge is created within your ductwork, charging the air contaminants and causing them to gather at charged collector plates within the system. This method does not interrupt the function of your heater or air conditioner but is an effective means of improving air quality.

Schedule an Air Purification or Filtration Consultation in Portland, OR

The team at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning provides a range of indoor air quality services that focus on the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your home. Turn to us for experienced air filtration services that are personalized to your requirements and tackle air hazards that may otherwise go unnoticed. Use filters to halt dust, dander, and pollen, and inquire about air purification systems for carbon monoxide, irritants, organic compounds, formaldehyde, and more. Trust our staff for assistance with maintenance of existing filters, installations on your first combination set, or questions about the air quality of your space.

Live better and breathe cleaner with air filtration and purification systems in Portland, OR. Contact us 24/7 for filter services, purifier repairs, and all the services you need for your HVAC systems.  

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