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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator Services

Improve Air Circulation with Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Portland, OR

Most homes today are sealed and well-insulated, which can be beneficial for maintaining comfort levels. More efficient cooling, limited drafts, and easier HVAC maintenance can all result from a well-insulated space. While improving climate control, the sealed nature of many modern homes also contributes to stagnant, polluted air being re-circulated and inhaled within your living space. The concentration of air contaminants and organic irritants can multiply if left unchecked, so installing a system that can bring fresh air into your space is important.

Work with HVAC experts and indoor air quality professionals at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning for a solution tailored to your living space. Humidity levels, allergens, and airborne particles can all be addressed with our air filtration, purification, and heat and energy recovery ventilators options. Forget about leaving windows and doors open during hot summers and cold winters and work with our team to find a year-round solution that truly improves your air quality.

Learn more about heat and energy recovery ventilators from HVAC experts in Portland, OR. You can request a free, no-obligation estimate online and also call us today at 503-691-9699.

How Does a Heat Recovery Ventilator Work?

Keep your furnace and air conditioner operating at peak performance while bringing in fresh air from outdoors using a heat recovery ventilator. Maintain your ideal temperature indoors while bringing fresh air into the space. Heat recovery ventilators work to make air temperate before circulating it throughout the home. Save money and reduce symptoms caused by poor air quality with this popular addition to your existing HVAC system.

These systems work through a process known as counterflow heat exchange, where stale air from inside is used to heat or cool fresh outdoor air before it enters the home. The stale air is then channeled outdoors while you breathe in better quality air. Don’t sacrifice the climate control of your home when you want to improve air quality. Year-round, no matter the weather forecast, a heat recovery ventilator can be used to integrate fresh air into your living space and reduce the buildup of contaminants in your ventilation system.

Understanding Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy recovery ventilators or ERVs are also used to bring outdoor air into the home. Rather than placing an additional burden on your heater or air conditioner, the air is warmed through energy that is otherwise lost. This efficient option uses indoor air to transfer heat to cold air entering the home. It can also work to cool warm air to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Improve air quality and circulation while avoiding rising heating bills or making significant changes to your home’s sealant with these efficient and effective systems.

Benefits of HRV and ERV Services in Portland, OR

Wondering why you might consider a heat or energy recovery ventilator for your home? The following benefits may be of interest to you if you want to improve indoor air quality:

  • Humidity balance: In addition to temperature, moisture levels can be transferred between indoor and outdoor air in an ERV system. If your home is overly dry or has too much moisture, this ventilator may be the solution.
  • Air quality improvement: Contaminants, stale air, pollutants, and particles can all be replaced by fresh air without significant structural changes, causing issues for your HVAC system, or rising heating bills.
  • Energy savings: Avoid an increase and save with approximately 85% energy recovery from an energy recovery ventilator when compared with the alternative of opening doors and windows.

Call for Comprehensive Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator Services in Portland, OR

Beyond HRV and ERV installations, maintenance, and repairs, we also offer consultations to help you find the best indoor air quality solution for your home. With intimate knowledge of HVAC systems, we can recommend a solution that maintains the temperature and efficiency of your existing units. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and our repairs are guaranteed for 90 days to give you confidence in your HVAC system.

Request a free estimate for an energy or heat recovery ventilator in Portland, OR. Contact Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning 24/7 for emergency services and complete comfort solutions.

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