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Outcomes of a Dirty and Neglected Furnace Filter

When it comes time to turn on your heating system, you want it to work smoothly, efficiently, and quietly. The best way to ensure your furnace or heater meets all those requirements is to invest in preventative measures and routine maintenance. A quick annual inspection by a trusted HVAC technician in Tualatin, OR can keep your furnace running its best through the chilly fall and winter weather.
You can also take action to contribute to the steady operation and reliability of your heating system. Regularly replace your furnace filter for better heating performance. It is a simple task, but one that frequently gets overlooked by busy homeowners.

Why Changing Your Furnace Filter is Important

Take a step toward furnace maintenance into your own hands by changing the filter every 1-3 months. Consider increasing frequency if you have pets, since more airborne hair, dust, and debris can become caught in the air filter.
Here are some simple reasons a clean and clear air filter is important for an efficient furnace:

  • Wear and Tear: A clogged filter means your furnace has to operate in overdrive just to get results distributing conditioned air throughout your home. This can accelerate wear and tear on mechanical parts.
  • Air Quality Issues: Temperate air is, of course, filtered through this system. If there is a lot of dust, allergens, and debris blocking the filter, it will no longer be successful at eliminating much of the problem-causing particles and you can expect indoor air quality to decline.
  • Reduced Efficiency: All that hard work your furnace is putting in will also result in more energy consumption and higher heating bills.

Change your air filter today and schedule a full inspection for furnace maintenance. Get your heating system running as efficiently as possible with assistance from Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Request a free estimate for furnace maintenance in Tualatin, OR and surrounding areas by dialing 503-278-4117 or you can also message us 24/7 online for heating repairs.

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