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Is It Worthwhile to Book Gas Furnace Maintenance?

Maintenance for any type of heating and cooling system is crucial to keep it functioning its best and operating for as long as possible. Changes in performance are not always obvious at first, but can show themselves over time in unpleasant and damaging ways.
If you use a gas furnace to heat your home, you may wonder “What’s the point?” when it comes to annual maintenance. Your furnace worked beautifully last year, so there is no cause for concern, right? Wrong. Gas furnaces require regular maintenance to keep them running. Don’t rely on performance indicators from the past to get an accurate idea of the shape your furnace is in today. Only a heating services professional can provide a full assessment of your gas furnace and provide the preventative care necessary for another warm winter.

3 Benefits of Gas Furnace Maintenance

Need more convincing that gas furnace maintenance is a necessary part of your winter home prep? Consider these 3 advantages of having a professional take a look at your heating system in Lake Oswego, OR:

  1. Less Risk of a Breakdown: Nobody wants to get stuck in the cold, especially in their own home. Regular maintenance greatly reduces the chances of facing an unexpected breakdown. Book your furnace maintenance now so that you can count on your gas furnace all season.
  2. Safety: Gas units offer great efficiency, performance, and speed, but they also pose certain safety risks for homeowners. Even a small leak or cracked heat exchanger can lead to health hazards and safety issues. Ease concerns about inhaling gas by maintaining the function and safety of your gas furnace with regular maintenance inspections.
  3. Furnace Longevity: Get the longest lifespan and best return on your investment possible with proper maintenance and care. Wear and tear can accelerate quickly if small malfunctions are left unchecked, so professional HVAC services are crucial to extend the life of your furnace.

Book your furnace maintenance in Lake Oswego, OR today or call Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning at 503-287-4117 to discuss your options for heating installations and repair services. You can also request a free estimate.

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