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We Offer Commercial Leasing Through Ingersoll Rand

The benefits of financing through Ingersoll Rand, rather than borrowing from the bank or paying cash, are numerous. While a bank loan provides direct ownership and the interest expense may be tax-deductible, it reduces valuable business credit lines, may have a short repayment term, and may not cover extras such as taxes, freight, and installation. Paying cash also provides direct and immediate ownership and eliminates finance charges. However, using cash for a large expenditure reduces operating cash that could have been used for alternate investments and provides no hedge against inflation.

commercial building HVAC system

Benefits of Financing Through Ingersoll Rand

  • Allows you to spread the entire cost including equipment, engineering, installation, and delivery, over the financing term.
  • Can provide fixed or variable payments.
  • Offers flexibility in structuring: two- to seven-year terms and monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payment schedules.
  • Offers flexibility to accommodate seasonal periods or sales peaks with “step-up” or “step-down” payment options.
  • Allows the later upgrade or addition of equipment to the financing.

Ingersoll Rand will work with you and your dealer to tailor a financing program specific to your needs.

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